Workplace Equity

SHRM Career Compass Podcast Spotlights Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Plus the 2020 Elections

A diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace is more important than ever. Emily M. Dickens, SHRM’s corporate secretary, chief of staff and head of Government Affairs, was a guest on the SHRM Career Compass podcast, where she spoke with SHRM Foundation board member Camille Chang Gilmore on creating an inclusive, positive workplace culture. Listen here.

Voting is a privilege, and your active participation in the democratic process will shape the future of workplace policy. As the saying goes in Washington, “If you’re not at the policy table, you’re on the menu.” That is why Sean McIntosh and Andrew Aragon from SHRM’s External Affairs team joined the Career Compass podcast to discuss the importance of voting, how local elections impact your organization and how civic engagement can change our workplaces.

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