SHRM and its affiliates advance workplace policy in state legislatures and localities across the country – directly advocating in California and New York. SHRM’s focus in 2023 is on:

  • Artificial Intelligence & Automated Employment Decision Tools: SHRM supports policies that benefit job candidates, employees and employers without stifling workplace innovation.

  • Pay transparency: SHRM believes that while pay ranges are an important consideration, other components should be considered.

  • Paid leave: SHRM advocates for a voluntary insurance market that would increase worker access to paid leave while reducing risk to employers.

  • 4-day (32-hour) workweek: SHRM believes in workplace flexibility that delivers for workers and employers and opposes a one-size-fits-all approach.

  • Interstate mental health compact agreements: SHRM advocates for states to join the Counseling Compact and PSYPACT to expand access through telehealth.

SHRM State Legislative Tracker:

Using SHRM’s legislative tracking system-receive real-time information about legislation affecting the world of work in your state.

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 California Public Policy:

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For additional SHRM state legislative resources, please contact Sean McIntosh, Senior Specialist, Member Advocacy.