86% of C-Suite executives say their workforce strategies rely on workers with temporary visas

The U.S. needs a modern workplace immigration system that allows employers to access top global talent while protecting workers.

SHRM Supports

  • Access to Talent: Policies that ensure employers have access to visas to recruit, hire, transfer and retain top talent, especially those educated and trained in the United States.
  • Employment Verification: One reliable, entirely electronic employment verification system that integrates the Form I-9, provides users a good faith defense and is only for new hires.
  • Pre-Certified Employers: A “Trusted Employer” program to create efficiencies for employees, employers and government.

As employers work to close the skills gap, it is critical they have the tools to hire a legal workforce and the ability to access top talent no matter where it is found in the world.

Emily M. Dickens
Chief of Staff, Head of Public Affairs, and Corporate Secretary, SHRM