The employer-based health care system provides benefits to more than 180 million americans

SHRM believes any approach to health care reform in the United States must preserve the option for employers to provide employer-sponsored health insurance and lower costs for employers and employees.

SHRM Supports

  • The Employer-Based System: Strengthening and improving the employer-based health care system, including preservation of the current tax treatment of employer-sponsored health plans.
  • Wellness Programs: Adopting employer wellness programs to encourage healthy behavior and to lower costs for employers and employees.
  • Definition of Full-Time: The definition of full-time employment for purposes of health care coverage should be 40 hours per week, consistent with the Fair Labor Standards Act overtime requirement.

As the cost of health care continues to rise, employers are keeping a close eye on the benefits they provide to ensure their health and wellness offerings meet the demands of today’s workforce. Policies should be implemented to help employers provide quality, affordable health care for their employees.

Johnny C. Taylor, Jr.
President and CEO, SHRM