49% of organizations that offer paid leave do so in an effort to meet leadership priorities or support retention and recruitment

SHRM believes that the United States must have a 21st Century workplace flexibility policy that works for employers and employees alike, helping them meet work-life and organizational needs.

SHRM Supports

  • Voluntary Leave: Encouraging employers to voluntarily offer paid leave and flexible work options to their employees.
  • No Mandates: Government mandates limit employer flexibility. Public policy should accommodate varying work environments, employee representation, industries and organizational size.
  • Federal Framework: Public policies that provide employers with certainty and predictability through a voluntary federal framework rather than a fragmented patchwork of state and local laws.

We need policies that help employees achieve better work-life fit while also meeting the demands of competitive organizations. With 5 generations working side-by-side in today’s workplaces, everyone approaches work-life fit differently, each with their own needs and expectations.

Emily M. Dickens
Chief of Staff, Head of Public Affairs, and Corporate Secretary