More than 80% of HR Professionals report challenges recruiting suitable Job candidates.

To help close the skills gap and improve individual prosperity, employers and government should adopt practices and policies that support efforts to hire, educate and train individuals for the modern workplace, including utilizing non-traditional talent pools.

SHRM Supports

  • Work-based Learning: Policies that foster and expand work-based learning opportunities, including apprenticeships and skills-based hiring.
  • Accessing Untapped Talent: Initiatives that promote hiring from underutilized talent pools, such as the formerly incarcerated, older workers, individuals with disabilities and veterans.
  • Education Assistance: Expanding employer-provided education assistance to include student loan repayment and the monetary limit increased to give employers flexibility in the design of benefit offerings for recruitment and retention purposes.

We have seen drastic changes in the employment market, but the reality is it does nothing to erase the underlying skills gap. In fact, it may exacerbate the skills gap in the long term. We need to continue to forge a better alliance between education and employment, invest in workforce training and open our recruiting efforts to nontraditional pools of talent.

Johnny C. Taylor, Jr.
President and CEO, SHRM