SHRM-IOE GUIDE: Return to Work During COVID-19

As the current pandemic situation continues to rapidly evolve, and the alarming costs of the global lockdown grows daily—a safe return to work has become as urgent as fighting the virus. What has become clearer as the situation progresses, is that opening up economies and returning to work will never be the same. The world remains vulnerable to a second wave of COVID-19, forcing employers to devise strategies that ensure business continuity, protect the health and safety of employees and build-in mitigation measures in case of a reemergence.

As part of SHRM’s global outreach efforts to make work, workers and the workplace better, SHRM has joined efforts with the International Organization of Employers (IOE) to develop a Guide on Return to Work during COVID-19. This forward-looking guide seeks to assist employers as they devise their back to work plans and provides a comprehensive list of concrete issues and measures to include in company-wide strategies before re-opening for business. Core elements of the guide include:

  • The decision to return to work
  • Implementation and execution of return to work
  • Coping with after-effects
  • Sustaining the right culture post-Covid-19
  • Embracing the new realities of work
  • Support and Guidance from Employer Organizations

As part of the Guide on Return to Work during COVID-19 launch, leaders from around the world will be taking part in a Digital Conference on May 6th from 7:30 to 9:00am Eastern Standard Time (EST), 13:30-15:00 Central European Time (CET)—to include:

We invite you to join this exceptional virtual dialogue to map out the most effective business plans to get back to work safely in an unpredictable health environment.

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