SHRM Resources on COVID-19

SHRM is continuously working to provide our members and the entire business community with the latest tools, resources and information to manage COVID-19 in your workplaces.

This week SHRM Head of Government Affairs, Emily M. Dickens joined Howard Mavity of the law firm Fisher Phillips to review the latest guidance from the CDC, Labor Department and other agencies including instructions about handling large groups and area-specific hazards, FMLA, collective bargaining, and evolving OSHA rules, as well as pending state and federal emergency legislation and regulation.

You can find all of SHRM’s recent webcasts and resources on the government’s COVID-19 response here.

Congress Passes Sweeping COVID-19 Bill Impacting Workplaces

SHRM has been an active voice with the U.S. Congress on behalf of the HR community as lawmakers work to bring forward sweeping legislation at an unprecedented pace to provide relief to businesses and workers in the wake of COVID-19. Last week, President Trump signed into law the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, a COVID-19 aid package that includes important changes to paid-leave policy for many organizations throughout the country. You can find SHRM’s in depth analysis of the Emergency Families First Response to Coronavirus Act here.

As Congress rapidly consider legislation to address COVID-19 please consider joining the A-Team to receive the latest policy updates and to ensure your voice is heard with policymakers.

State Government Responds to COVID-19

The nation’s Governors have stepped up to take decisive action to combat the COVID19 virus across the country. States, such as California and New York, have invoked some of the most stringent rules in attempt to slow the transmission of the novel coronavirus.  State and local governments realize this will have severe impacts on businesses, especially small business. With that realization these governments have implemented their own business incentives to help the business community. A listing of these states and local governments can be found here and will be continually updated.